A Guide to Wearing Sexy Lingerie


You are as sensual as a runway model when you adorn your sexy lingerie. Not kidding, it is very true! But thinking about adjusting cups, snaps, and straps or lacing corsets suddenly? One is usually cautious about their sexy lingerie not peek from below their daily wear. But in all honesty, lingerie is not scary or difficult. Your man thinks of you as the hottest one so why not wear lingerie with the same confidence? The best thing to do is get measurements from a professional. If not that, follow a measurement guide online and find your perfect size yourself. The right size is key. Do not have a visible panty line. Seriously it’s a big NO. Never opt for panties that are too tight or a bra that is spilling out on the edges. To avoid this you need to be sure of measurement. A cheat option is to try thong or hipsters.


If your body is flattered, supported and lifted in the right way, your curves are enhanced you will see your confidence space rocket.

 To find lingerie that not only fits your body but your persona can be a harrowing task. If you have no idea about how to rock in the gorgeous piece than shopping for sexy lingerie can be disastrous. So what exactly do you need to know before you make a purchase?

The most important thing is to be true to your style so always stick to what you love and can confidently carry off. Never try lingerie that is far off your personality and not comfortable. The goal is to feel confident and sexy not uncomfortable and twitchy. Lingerie should be an enhancement of your personality, show off what a bold, sensual lady you are!

Add colour to your lingerie. It is silly to save a pop of colour only for valentine day or your anniversary. If you like ay black or blue or red then go ahead and wear it every day. Wearing something that makes you feel good will surely make you look better. Another tip is to not leave your corsets and teddies for special nights out but you can wear underneath your sheer blouse to get that perfect sexy look and make your man ogle looking at you! It is easy and fun. Talking about fun to put on your sexy bra and panty matching set or boy shorts will pump your confidence and help to lose yourself.

Wear sexy lingerie every day. Dance with your partner wearing just your sexy lingerie. Lingerie is not only for the bedroom but can be used on a daily basis too. Do not give yourself think that since no one else is about to see it, you don’t need to look gorgeous inside. Knowing that you are wearing beautiful lingerie under your casual wear is just going to boost your confidence and just what you need to face the day. The bottom line is that when you look good, you feel good and have the right mind set then success is not far away from you!

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