India Among Top Jeanswear Market

Jeanswear trends started in India truly in the eighties, with the establishment and the movement of brands like Avis, Wings, Flying Machine, UFO, along with international brands like FU’s. With the realistic pricing and a “Good jeans for less” proposition, Newport entered into the mass psyche in the mid-nineties. The growth in the domestic jeans and casualwear market is attracting an increasing number of multinationals into the segment.

With the Indian youth becoming increasingly fashion conscious and with republic¬†day¬†shopping deals spending power being consistently on the rise, making life easier for the fast-growing ‘premium’ category of jeanswear brands. On the other hand, it has been tough times for other segments of the business – one of the underperformers being a mass-market jeanswear brand in and as valentine gifts.

Denim consumption boost up in India
Various apparel categories, excluding innerwear, jeanswear too is connected to brand tags in India. A label tag is a must now on the back waist panel of even tailored garments. As regards to contribution of the branded section in each category percentages may vary, approximately 79 percent of the jeans sold in India tagged with label, the rest of jeans are supplied by tailors and localised manufacturers with no-name.

Daily in India, there are number of small stores where customised jeans are stitched for as little as Rs 200. And their customers are not only Indians, but Westerners too, and you can find a long queue of Westerners, waiting to purchase customised jeanswear to be used as wear and throw and it is because of the reality for the Westerners that the availability of a customised piece of clothing at very low pricing. On the other hand, the more and more affluent middle class is amazingly responsive about the charm of branding.

Denim wear consumption in India and the business is itself changes almost everyday with new modification and new brands, it is also becoming a part of its action by determining the size, character and make up and it also requires a profound market research study.

According to a survey report, by considering the aspects of socio-economic, cultural, emotional and functional backgrounds and its applications there are four type of branded jeanswear market available in India.

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