A Concierge Doctor

There are a few doctors who are starting to use the concierge model when providing personalized care for their patients. One of the key advantages for a patient to choose this type of doctor is that they will have the ability of scheduling an appointment with their doctor at anytime of the day. In fact, they will be able to schedule an appointment for the same day. To receive this type of preferred service the patient will agree to pay a monthly or annual fee to the doctor. The fee may vary between $1000-$5000 per year.

A doctor who has a concierge practice in an expensive area such as New York City will more often than not charge the higher fee. A higher fee may also indicate that they are limiting this type of practice to a fewer number of patients. One of the main benefits of using this type of concierge service is that the patient will be able to build a strong relationship with their family doctor. Also they will be able to have annual physicals and preventive procedures which could prevent serious illnesses. Many of these preventive procedures are not normally covered under the Affordable Care Act.


Some of these procedures could include screening for Alzheimer’s disease or an expanded blood review. A doctor in Baltimore, Maryland who has a concierge practice relates how he is able to provide his patients with a quicker diagnosis. For example, this doctor was able to order a test and read the results of that test in a matter of days. The patient of that test had a possible metastatic cancer issue. A biopsy was quickly arranged and it showed that the patient with this condition was not too seriously in danger. Normally, this type of process would have taken weeks which would have left the patient with unnecessary anxiety as he awaited the results.

If this is something that you would like to consider then you can begin your search for the right doctor by visiting the American Academy of Private Physicians. There you will find a search tool that will help you to locate a qualified concierge doctor in whatever state you live in. You can also locate a concierge physician by searching MDVIP.

It is a good idea to visit the perspective doctor in his office before you write a check for his concierge services. Ask the doctor a few questions such as what services are included and how long it will take for an average appointment. Concierge doctors do limit their practices to a specific number of patients and therefore you may have to go on a wait list for any doctor that you prefer. Kindly visit : drjennpb sexual health for more information.